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With AirMagnet solutions you have complete control over the entire lifecycle of the wireless LAN (WLAN) from network design and deployment all the way to 24x7 intrusion prevention and troubleshooting. AirMagnet provides unrivaled visibility into all aspects of your wireless airspace with the intelligence to automatically diagnose, explain and respond to any wireless challenge.
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The AirMagnet Academy is a two-course program that teaches customers how to use AirMagnet's innovative solutions to plan and deploy more secure, better performing wireless LANs. After completing these classes, students are fully prepared for real-world wireless LAN management, earning a course certificate from AirMagnet.
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Web-Based Training
Web-based courses include lecture based instructions on 802.11n into any networks. The course includes a review of 802.11 a/b/g concepts and contrasts the differences in 11n to ensure a good understanding of the impact of 802.11n to legacy networks and sets expectations for how the network should perform in a mixed environment.
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