AirMagnet Support & Training

NETSCOUT's Gold Support is our comprehensive support and maintenance program that offers expanded coverage for all AirMagnet products. All existing AirMagnet customers with products under the annual maintenance and support program are automatically migrated to the new Fluke Network's Gold Support program.

Benefits of the Gold Support program include:

  • Access to live 24 X 7 technical support. *
  • Highly trained technical experts to help with product installation, configuration, best practices & troubleshooting on call 24 hrs a day including weekends and through the night.
  • Multilingual technical support team. **
  • Free software updates/upgrades (new features and product enhancements) when available.
  • Hardware support, repair and replacement for AirMagnet products. ***
  • Free access to Web-Based Training for certain AirMagnet products.
  • MAC Address Reset. ****
  • Only email support available for AirMagnet Planner for Cisco Small Business; Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm PST only.

* Except United States public holidays;Does not apply to AirMagnet Planner for Cisco Small Business; No Gold support available for NETSCOUT AirMapperâ„¢ App
** Multilingual support not available on weekends; Does not apply to AirMagnet Planner for Cisco Small Business
*** Must meet terms and conditions as defined in the hardware warranty
**** MAC Address reset not available for NETSCOUT AirMapperâ„¢ App

Training — AirMagnet Academy

The AirMagnet Academy offers several courses that teach customers how to use AirMagnet's innovative solutions to plan and deploy more secure, better performing wireless LANs. After completing these classes, students are fully prepared for real-world wireless LAN management, earning a course certificate from AirMagnet.

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