Product Registration

It is highly recommended that you register your AirMagnet software from this website. By registering your purchased software, you are entitled to a free account with the following benefits:

  • Users can download software updates/upgrades to the software when available
  • Access product documentation (FAQs, best practices, release notes, user guides, etc.)
  • Download wireless adapter drivers
  • Access technology notes/white papers
  • Access to AirMagnet forums

Follow the steps below to register your AirMagnet product.
Step 1: 
Check your license, if you have a serial number that starts with "S", for example S4015-xxxxxxxx, this is your Support Serial number, you will be presented an opportunity to register your support after you have completed product registration. Support registration will be presented in your MyAirMagnet account: Registered Products/Downloads->Your Product->Register Support Contract.
Step 2: 
Enter the product serial number in the space below:

For new products, the serial number/key can be found on the Software License Certificate in the packaging, e.g., "A1150-04080001". Make sure to enter the number exactly as it appears on the label.

Note for older products: those serial numbers that do not start with "Axxxx-" or "Bxxxx" (e.g., "02480320"). Please contact Tech Support for product registration.

Important Note About Your MAC Address and Licensing:
As part of the end user license agreement (EULA) , all AirMagnet software must be licensed to a specific MAC address. This can be the MAC address of the wireless adapter you plan to use or the internal wired Ethernet MAC address of the PC where you will run the AirMagnet software.

 I would like to register the serial number with a MAC Address
(Please check if you know the MAC address you want to license to. If you are unsure of the MAC Address you wish to license to, simply skip this and you will be allowed to choose the appropriate MAC address later during the AirMagnet software installation)
Step 3: 
Select one of the following:
 I currently have a MyAirMagnet account.
 I do not have a MyAirMagnet account.