AM-20: AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer
Duration: 3-4 hours to complete (Online Course)
Users will have 120 days to complete the course from the day of activation.
Course Level: Introductory

AirMagnet's WiFi Analyzer. This is designed for folks who want to learn to use the WiFi Analyzer to better plan, troubleshoot, and maintain a Wireless LAN network.

Attendees will gain knowledge of how to use the tools and techniques learned over 5 years of teaching people to use WiFi Analyzer. You will also gain insight into using WLAN tools to ensure optimal performance. Course format is self-paced, with a blend of audio and visual aids and takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

Course Completion: AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer
User will have two chances to pass a quiz at the end of the course.
Fee: $700.00
Prerequisites: Understand TCP/IP and basic 802.11/RF fundamentals General understanding of LAN technology, OSI model, network devices CWNA recommended
Course Content:
Students will have access to the following materials online:
  • WiFi Analyzer WBT Modules:
    1. WiFi Analyzer
    2. Overview and Start Screen
    3. Channel Screen
    4. Interference Screen
    5. Infrastructure
    6. AirWise
    7. Top Traffic Analysis
    8. Reports
    9. Decodes Screen
    10. WiFi Tools
    11. Details Viewer
    12. View Filter
    13. Creating Profiles
    14. Using the Find Tool
    15. Managing Policies
    16. Integrating Spectrum Analysis
    17. Tips and Tricks
    18. Top Ten Questions
    19. Making Policies
  • Student booklet
  • 802.11n Fundamentals poster
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