AM-30: AirMagnet Survey
Duration: 3-4 hours to complete (Online Course)
Users will have 120 days to complete the course from the day of activation.
Course Level: Introductory

The AirMagnet Survey WBT is designed for folks who want to learn to use the SurveyPro to better plan, troubleshoot, and maintain a Wireless LAN network.

Attendees will gain knowledge of how to use the tools and techniques of SurveyPro. Course format is self-paced, with a blend of audio and visual aids and takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

Course Completion: AirMagnet Survey
User will have two chances to pass a quiz at the end of the course.
Fee: $700.00
Prerequisites: Understand TCP/IP and basic 802.11/RF fundamentals General understanding of LAN technology, OSI model, network devices CWNA recommended
Course Content:
Students will have access to the following materials online:
  • Survey WBT Modules:
    1. AirMagnet Survey
    2. 7 Rules for Accurate Site Surveys
    3. Starting a Project Part 1
    4. Starting a Project Part 2
    5. Passive Survey
    6. Active Survey Part 1
    7. Active Survey Part 2
    8. Display and Survey Analysis Part 1
    9. Display and Survey Analysis Part 2
    10. Simulation
    11. AirWise
    12. Multiview
    13. Reporting
    14. Tools and Calculators
    15. GPS - Part 1
    16. GPS - Part 2
    17. Configuration
  • Student booklet
  • 802.11n Fundamentals poster
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